My Plan for the Writing Catalog


I doubt this will ever be an everyday blog. TWC is narrowly focused, and  I have to emphasize quality over frequency to make this site worthwhile.  I didn’t set this blog up to attract a large audience.  I set it up to attract an engaged audience with an apprectiation for the work. That makes it difficult to update daily.

My first project is to analyze all the pieces I published yesterday. Writing them was a real challenge, because we had so many things to accomplish with four posts, and I need to understand how effective I was with the writing part of the job.

The texts I published yesterday were more polished than a typical blog post. Diana critiqued some of them because we felt that so much was riding on the debut of these two blogs. I came away with a few drafts, a rarity in a medium where most of the work is written into an interface and updated as it is revised.

I am interested in comparing drafts to the final versions and seeing what I can learn about my revision process. When I have time, I will post the drafts on pages so that anyone who is interested can have a look.

I will also share writing-related material as I encounter it, and post or reblog writing-related work for any of my friends who would like to publish here. Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday. The number of visitors I received on the very first day is a pleasant surprise, and very encouraging.

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Compulsive writer, amateur photographer, and blogaholic. Also an evil genius.

One thought on “My Plan for the Writing Catalog

  1. […] will have the drafts I promised in my Writing Catalog plan up tomorrow, and a series for Part Time Monster to begin sometime next […]


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