Happy Anniversary, Interesting Lit!


Keeping a blog updated frequently with quality content for a year is not easy — especially the first year. It is always nice to see a site actually make it through that first 365 days. Here are a couple of excerpts from Interesting Literature’s post today, “The 12 Best Facts from a Year of Interesting Literature.”

1. In 1910, Virginia Woolf and her friends dressed up in costumes and donned fake beards in order to convince the Royal Navy they were a group of Abyssinian princes. And thus they pulled off what became known in newspapers as the ‘Dreadnought Hoax’, earning a 40-minute guided tour of the ship. Several members of the Bloomsbury Group were involved, but Woolf was the most famous among them. More information can be found in this Guardian article.

This is my personal favorite:

8. The earliest recorded use of ‘wicked’ to mean ‘cool, good’ is from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first novel, This Side of ParadiseOur source for this is the Oxford English Dictionary, but of course there may be an earlier instance of the word which is yet to be discovered.  Fitzgerald’s first novel also provides us with the first known uses of the words ‘T-shirt’ and ‘daiquiri’. We’ve got more about Fitzgerald in this special blog post on The Great Gatsby.

The whole list is certainly worth a read. (No photoblog today; I thought this would be better.)

Image: The 1910 Dreadnought hoax, © 1910. author believed to be Horace de Vere Cole (1881-1936). Public domain. 

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