Think of this contest as a prompt.

True Classics is celebrating 4 years of blogging with a contest. Here is a bit of info about the rules:

The rules are simple: on your own site, post a brief piece about one beloved cartoon short that you remember from childhood. If you can find a video and embed it on your site, that’s wonderful; if it’s so obscure that no video clip exists, no worries. But here’s the important part: tell us why that cartoon is particularly memorable to you. Are you a Popeye patron? A Droopy devotee? A Bugs booster? A Woody Woodpecker worshiper? A Fudd fan? A Donald disciple? (Stop me; I could go on all day.) Simply put: what is a favorite cartoon from your youth, and why?

We’re not asking for in-depth essays here–just your fond recollections of a childhood favorite (of course, you are free to write as much as you wish). There are no date restrictions, either–whether the cartoon in question was produced in 1913 or 1993, as long as it’s one of your favorites, and truly memorable for you, it qualifies!

Once you’ve posted, return to this page and leave a comment with a link to your piece.

What are we looking for with these pieces? The judging criteria is simple: we’re going to love whatever entertains us the most! So be enthusiastic, witty, sarcastic, creative. Tell us some little-known trivia about your favorite cartoon. Share an anecdote about your choice that links it to a particular moment or memory from your childhood. The sky’s the limit!

Real prizes are offered for the top three entries. So, if you’re looking for something to write about, you enjoy cartoons, and you could use a nice gift card, get writing!

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