Zero to Hero 6: A New Element

The Zero to Hero challenge for today is to write a post with an element you’ve never used before, so here’s a post I wanted to publish today anyway, and I am adding a poll at the end.

Yesterday, I read 10 suggestions from a blogger who is more successful at audience-building than I’ve been so far, and I decided to give #9, “Engage your readers” a try in yesterday’s Zero to Hero post. I was so pleased at the number of comments I received in response to my questions, I thought I would try it again today.

Diana and I are serious about building a large audience, but we’re just throwing strategies against the wall and seeing what sticks. Our professional lives don’t leave us time to do thorough-going research, and we’re not mass communication experts. We need some advice from more experienced people, and our interest is practical rather than academic.

I’ve done some things over the past few days to try and raise the profiles of our blogs – I’ve really been doing things all along (see below). My question is: Other than like, comment on, and reblog people with similar interests, and use other social media to promote our blogs, what else can we do? Are there groups we should join?  Or is it just all about persistence, quality, and luck? I would be very grateful for any advice or shared experience about things you’ve done to attract readers that have worked.

I registered our blogs with Google and Bing webmaster tools in November, and that helped almost immediately. We also have Faceblook pages, Twitter feeds, and a Tumblr page that isn’t performing very well because no one has time to develop it properly.

On Sunday night I joined the following social media groups, just to see if I could meet a few people that way: Bloggers Network at Google+World Bloggers Community on FacebookProfessional Bloggers on LinkedIn.

Anyone have any experience with these groups, or know any other groups that have really helped you make connections?

I am also thinking about a Headliner campaign using a revised version of our new about page to introduce people to our blogs, and would love to know if anyone reading this finds Headliner worthwhile.

So here, then, is the new element in my post for today. A simple poll about using social media to build audience. If I set it up correctly, you should be able to choose more than one answer.

I am happy to have the first post from contributor Garrett Ashley up at Sourcerer today. It discusses whether or not video games are art.

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4 thoughts on “Zero to Hero 6: A New Element

  1. musicalwishes says:

    I’m so glad that you were able to find something off of my article. I’m not aware of any groups myself but would be interested to find out if there are any. I can tell you, the good old fashioned way of consistency has worked for me. Best of luck to you, you have a solid product here. Let me know if I can help in any way.



  2. I’m only just starting out on this blog, but I used to have my Facebook, Twitter, and LiveJournal accounts all linking back to each other. The problem then was extracting them when I decided that the fanfiction maybe wasn’t part of the professional image I wanted to present, so I’m on the rebuilding process. Eventually I intend to have Pinterest and Pearltrees, Facebook page and my Twitter account all feeding into each other, whilst my G+, personal Facebook, Instagram and another Pinterest account feed into my other persona.


    • Gene'O says:

      Thanks for your feedback! I went through something similar, and I am just getting started again, as well. I am thinking about a Pinterest account as my next move.


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