The Perils of Writing Advice

– I agree that it is important to emphasize when you give writing advice that you are talking about what works for you. As I have stated here in the past, I believe that everyone has to find a process that works for them. There are writing principles that are widely applicable, but there is no such thing as a one-size fits all way of writing.

I am skipping the Zero to Hero assignment today, for the simple reason that I am happy with my background header images. I put a lot of thought into them when I set these blogs up. The Z2H post for today does have some useful stuff links, though.

Sunshine Somerville

[Taken from my Koobug blog]

My Favorite thing on Twitter might be #HorribleWriteTip, mostly because it balances out all the “real” advice authors throw around.  Some of the best: “It’s important that you mention in your query that you think you’re the next Stephen King” and “If a scene is difficult to describe, it’s ok to include a stick figure drawing.”

Now, I’m not a perfect writer.  I don’t think anyone is. Some advice is good, sound, noteworthy, and needed.  However, I think we too often spout off advice without taking into account that the same things don’t work for everybody.  And some of us are bad writers – if you aren’t good, please don’t tell me how to follow your method.  I try not to be an educated, elitist snob, but some advice runs counter to what I’ve been taught and just flat out seems like a…

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