Zero to Hero 8: Partially Complete


Today’s Zero to Hero assignment involves doing some serious work on pages, and I have to work most of the day, so I’ll go ahead and post my thoughts on it. It is funny that the focus for today is on creating better about pages, because I redesigned Sourcerer’s about page over the weekend. I am trying to follow along and improve both my blogs with advice from the challenge, but I am only posting my thoughts on the challenge here. So, when we get a task like the one today, it’s twice the work for me.

Just in general, I like Sourcerer’s pages, and I’ve received a few compliments on them from personal friends who read my blog. I think The Writing Catalog’s pages need a lot of work, though. The about page, for instance, is nothing but a misson statement and an email address. I already had this on my list of things to do, so I am glad that today’s daily Zero to Hero post provides links with helpful advice for creating better pages.  I notice one thing there that I can’t emphasize enough – don’t let your pages stagnate. If the focus of your blog changes as you grow, be sure and update your About page.

We have a debut post on the re-issue of Detective Comics #27 and the cultural significance of Batman from our resident comics blogger, Jeremy DeFatta at Sourcerer today. If you have a few minutes to poke around while you’re over there, I would love to know what you think of About, Contributors, Awards, and any other pages that catch your interest.

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3 thoughts on “Zero to Hero 8: Partially Complete

  1. LifeIsABeach says:

    I personally love superheroes! I have 2 grown boys who loved it growing up. I wanted to come in and comment on that, and I look forward to reading more on those. I’m really up to late for my own good so I’ll come in again and “peek”. Good night and good blogging!


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