Zero to Hero 9: Ever Deeper


Today’s Zero to Hero challenge makes a certain amount of sense to me. Following blogs and topics five at time allows you to really build your reader in increments and make decisions about what sort of content to look for next.  I like the fact that the challenge is emphasizing the non-writing aspects of blogging. My experiences starting new blogs over the past couple of months have reminded me of some things that I already knew, but perhaps had forgotten:

No matter how good your writing is, you’ve gotta pay at least a little attention to how it’s presented, and to networking with other bloggers, if you ever want anybody to read it.

Here are five blogs I follow, but haven’t linked to yet:

Things Matter

Geek Ergo Sum

What’s Your Tag?

My [Redacted] Journey


Here are the tags I followed today:

Geek – because it occurred to me that I should have started following it on day 1, and I was correct.

Steampunk – because I enjoy it, and it’s an excellent genre to look at if you like interesting images.

Opinion – because we’ve made a decision in the last week or so to do some opinion and commentary at Sourcerer when the notion takes us, and I wanted to see what other people were putting in that tag. (We are NOT turning Sourcerer into a political blog, we are just allowing space to do an editorial on political, cultural, or social issues now and then.)

Leftist – for the same reason I followed opinion. The funny thing is, I did not find any leftists there, just a few people labeling their ideological opponents leftists. The topic is almost non-existent, and I think six or seven leftist bloggers could easily get together, take over that tag, and do some fun things with it.

Capitalism – I was trying to figure out where some leftists might be found, and it occurred to me that this is probably one of their favorite tags. I was correct, but I also found a few interesting philosophical and economics-oriented pieces that were written from non-leftist perspectives.

I have also started tagging things with Part Time Monster and Sourcerer when I don’t have enough relevant tags, so as we build an archive of posts, we can access a lot of the things I post on those sites by adding those topics to the reader.

This weekend, I am planning to shift my Zero to Hero posting to Sourcerer, unless we happen to get an assignment that focuses specifically on a writing-related topic. I started the challenge here because I had Sourcerer’s content for this week planned out and scheduled by the time the challenge started, and I did not want to crowd out the contributors who debuted over there this week.

Now that we’re returning to a more normal blogging pace, I think the focus of this site needs to shift back to writing; so, beginning Monday, you can expect to see discussion and reblogging of writing-related topics resume.

Thanks to everyone for following. I am looking forward to a marvelous year of (mostly) everyday blogging.

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Compulsive writer, amateur photographer, and blogaholic. Also an evil genius.

4 thoughts on “Zero to Hero 9: Ever Deeper

  1. […] out if you'd like to see a lot of good blogging, all in one place. As I mentioned this morning at my other site, I'm shifting my Zero to Hero posting to Sourcerer beginning next week, so that The Writing Catalog […]


  2. hannahgivens says:

    I’m on board for a leftist takeover. 😉 Thanks for the link!


    • Gene'O says:

      take a look at that tag in the reader and make sure I’m right about the traffic being so low. If so, I’ll start tagging some our editorial stuff at sourcerer that way and see what Diana thinks about using it when its appropriate.


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