Advice, please?

I am thinking about the redesign of this site a little bit, and I thought I’d use my lunch break to take a poll. I don’t think the title is quite right. Let me explain why, list the options I’ve come up with, and then see what everyone thinks.

“The Writing Catalog” is not a bad title, and it’s served me well so far, but it’s not a good title for search engine listing, and it doesn’t exactly scream, “read me!” I’m not changing the focus of the blog, nor the tagline, but I am considering a few options for a different title, and I only want to change it once, if at all. Here are some things I could do:

1. Use my name in the title somehow. I have a unique name, and I am listed all over the web as Gene’O.

2. Change the word “Catalog” to something else, but keep writing in the title.

3. Pick another writing-related title, use entirely different words and make it more catchy.

4. Find just the right literary reference and use a title that plays on that reference.

Those are all I can come up with. So, here’s the poll if you would like to vote.

About Gene'O

Compulsive writer, amateur photographer, and blogaholic. Also an evil genius.

One thought on “Advice, please?

  1. Kerry S. says:

    Hi Gene ‘O. I’ve included The Writing Catalog in my list of Liebster nominations in place of The Sourcerer. I am aware that you commented to that effect yourself but I somehow, inadvertently, blocked/deleted/unapproved that comment. I really know how but, in doing so, I have learnt another blogging lesson: Don’t attempt to use the Kindle as anything other than a reader! Every day is a school day. x

    [Hello Friend! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You are in no way obligated to accept it but, if you would like to, please follow this link:
    Kindest Regards, K x]


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