© 2013, Kathy R. Jeffords.

© 2013, Kathy R. Jeffords.

One of my callings in life is to help people figure out how to write better. That is how I make my living offline, and this blog is my attempt to find a way to do the same thing online. When I say “write better,” I don’t mean “write stories,” or “write research papers,” though both of those would apply. I mean write anything.

I haven’t been able to put the time and effort into this blog that it deserves over the past month. Until 10 days ago, I was working as hard as I could to update two personal blogs every day and contribute to a third one. That’s because my first priority up until today has been to keep Part Time Monster posting every day and Sourcerer posting frequently enough that, when we were finally able to bring on contributors, they’d have a little bit of an audience to start with.

This week all that work paid off and Sourcerer came into its own as a multi-contributor website. Even though I am the administrator and editor at Sourcerer, I am not its owner. I will continue to do music blogging there from time to time, but it is no longer my personal YouTube gallery. That means The Writing Catalog is now my sole personal blog, so I am in redesigning it to reflect my character and figuring out what I want it to be.

I’ve changed the tagline to reflect my personal belief that “Anyone can become a competent writer.” The way one becomes a competent writer, I think, is by practicing. That means writing a lot, and reading a lot of good writing. So, what you’ll see here going forward is the best blogging I can find about writing, along with plenty of good things to read. I will continue to provide digests, from time to time, of the things we publish at Part Time Monster and Sourcerer.

I plan to change the look of this site and add more pages. I may even adopt a different theme. For now, though, I would like to call your attention to a few changes I have made to the sidebar. “Recent posts at Part Time Monster” is gone, and the blogroll has been revamped, but I have added links to Part Time Monster and Sourcerer to the text widget at the very top of the page.

You’ll also notice that my gravatar info is very prominent, complete with personal links and registered services. This is to make it as easy as possible for people to find me online. I love to make social media connections, especially with people who write. I have also added a “community” widget, because I want people who read this site to be able to find one another.

I didn’t set up these blogs just because I wanted to publish online. If that were all I was aiming for, I could have just joined an established site and let someone else worry about all the administrative stuff. I set out at the end of the summer to build a community, and put two months of planning into it before I ever set up a WordPress account. That first post I published at Sourcerer was meant to be funny, but the vision I communicated with it is sincere.

Thanks for following and reading. The Writing Catalog is not the site I want it to be yet, but it will get there. Any time you’d like to talk with me about writing, feel free to leave me a comment or send me a message some other way.

image: Original Words And Design © 2013, Kathy R. Jeffords. Copyright not transferable with sale. Please do not re-post elsewhere without credit. They did not write themselves. 🙂 Prints are available from thedreamygiraffe. Via Writers Write.


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4 thoughts on “Reboot

  1. liliandruve says:

    Good luck!


  2. I love your perspective on becoming a writer, and it is very similar to my own. I find this very inspiring for my own literary blog. Keep writing, and best of luck!


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