Calls for Proposals for new edited collection on memory in popular culture

— This is very interesting, and I plan to take a look at these links. Reblogging it here to share with all my friends who are interested in such, and so I will not forget about it.

Heather Urbanski's Digital Portfolio

Exciting news!

I am currently seeking proposals for an upcoming collection, Essays on Memory in Popular Culture, under contract with McFarland.

The key assumption of this collection is that, contrary to the conventional wisdom that memory is no longer important, this rhetorical canon has been transformed and complicated rather than subsumed, as recent scholarship into such areas as digital media, fandom studies, and memory objects demonstrates. This collection, therefore, seeks essays and participant reflections that document and examine this rhetorical principle in all its complexity.

Submissions are being solicited that examine cultural memory within the following categories:

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre texts
  • Fandom activities (including fan fiction and cosplay)
  • Online Gaming
  • Digital collaboration and media

In addition to traditional academic essays (approximately 5,000 words each), there will also be a section for player and participant reflections (approximately 1,000 words) that briefly describe the experience of fan memory from…

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2 thoughts on “Calls for Proposals for new edited collection on memory in popular culture

  1. hurban1 says:

    Thanks for the signal boost! Let me know if I can answer any questions about the collection for you.


  2. Gene'O says:

    Hi Heather, you’re welcome. This stuff really interests me, so I look forward to digging into those links, and since the call for proposals is open until May, we have plenty of time to write about this again. 😉

    My sister is working on a Ph.D. and she’s doing a lot of Digital Humanities research, so I was flagging this for her, as well as for myself. You can find her here:

    And here’s a post with a lot of education-related links that I put together awhile ago. We’re always collecting stuff like this. It’s hard to tell, because there are no comments on the thread, but this is a piece of a conversation that’s been going on for more than a year.

    Thanks for stopping by, nice chatting.


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