Sunshine Award + Announcements


Thanks to Sonya at Capture You photography for nominating this blog for the Sunshine Award. I discovered her blog during the first week of the Zero to Hero challenge, and her exquisite images made me an instant follower. It may be a week before I can do a nomination post of my own, and I wanted to be sure and thank her. This is the Writing Catalog’s first nomination from a blogger outside the Part Time Monster family.

I have one more round of development to do with Sourcerer, and then I will be ready to begin improving the design and pages of this site. I’m listing my blogs on several directories this weekend and setting up a Pinterest account that I’ll use to build boards related to all our blogs. Once I am done with that, I will give The Writing Catalog an overhaul.

I’m planning to re-write the About page and expand the scope of my content here a little. It will still be writing-centric, and the links will still feature mostly writing-related content. In addition, though, I am going to use this blog as an online portfolio for myself and an archive of the best work we’ve done on other blogs.

Eventually I will have an index page of every blog series that I and the other contributors to our blogs have written. I’ll also add a few resource pages – one for writing, another for the writing aspects of blogging, another for non-blog websites that I find helpful for various forms of writing. I also  plan to include some humanities education-related content and some of my own creative work.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog; I hope will continue to provide a medium to help me connect with others bloggers who enjoy talking about writing.

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Compulsive writer, amateur photographer, and blogaholic. Also an evil genius.

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