Inspired by Strangers

I say don’t ask, but do file the details away, and when it comes time to use them in a story, just make something up.

Carving Out a Space

Psst. You see that guy across the coffee shop, the one with the hole in his sleeve? What about the lady in the supermarket checkout line buying a roll of duct tape and two steaks? Don’t forget the gentleman you pass on the way to work every morning– you know, the one pushing the powder blue bicycle?

These folks have stories. There’s a reason why the lady in the supermarket is buying that roll of duct tape. There’s a story behind the hole in the sleeve of the guy at the coffee shop. And why is the man on the street pushing that bike, but never riding it?


Inspiration is everywhere, in the present and past of every person we meet. We could ask what the duct tape is for. If she’s only using it to fix a busted dashboard, she’s likely to say so quickly and easily, and…

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