Deep Thought

This occurred to me a couple of weeks ago, and I thought, “Why not share it on a Friday?”

If we had some way to aggregate everything Diana, our contributors, and a few other bloggers have written in the last three months on the blogs themselves, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, and comments threads where we’ve had conversations, we could read it all as a single text. A single massive, multi-author text.

Diana’s introductory post and first week of blogging would be the prologue, my debut posts here and at Sourcerer, along with the thank you note I posted at the end of that first day, would be the opening chapter. From there, we could follow the rest as a narrative with many subplots and loads and loads of characters, and the characters are all real people.

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Compulsive writer, amateur photographer, and blogaholic. Also an evil genius.

One thought on “Deep Thought

  1. Very interesting idea! I read a book, recently, that discusses the story of creation by an Almighty God in much the same fashion. The book “Sacred Romance” is considered a devotional, but it discusses the idea of creation like it is a story and we are all the characters. It makes the case that God should be the center of the story and not us. We are merely characters in the grand play. It was a very interesting way to look at things, and makes me realize that I am a character playing a part in a larger story than just my day to day affairs. It really puts things in perspective. Your post reminded me of this book! I like it!


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