Note – 02/18/2014

Friends, I have not forgotten about this blog. I’ll have a real post here before the week is out in which I take stock of my personal writing career and adjust my priorities for this year. So those of you who like personal stuff mixed in with your writing-themed blogging have that to look forward to.

My blogging here will be at a more leisurely pace here for the next little while. I’m getting everything in order for spring, and that means I can’t really post every day here for the next month to six weeks. There will be six-days-a-week, writing-themed blogging challenge here in April, though, and that is another thing you have to look forward to.

I’ll also keep reblogging my writer friends as I find occasion to do so.

The pages here are so far out of date, I am considering hiding them. This blog is evolving in my mind, and I am not sure what shape I should give it yet. While I am figuring that out, you can expect more planning, personal things, and writing-related posts. It’s like my Internet office for the next few weeks. Which sounds a little boring. But, if you want to catch a glimpse of me at my most real, this is probably the place to look.

I have a lot of irons in the fire. I won’t say too many unless this whole project collapses. Every iron I have in the fire is there for a reason. Every one. I committed to a six-month course of action back in November, so we’re about halfway through. Just have to keep doing the next thing until May, then take a good, long look at where we are.

Thanks for sticking with me. Whether you’re just keeping this blog in your reader to see where it goes, or liking occasionally, or commenting regularly on my threads, I appreciate your attention. I respect the fact that your time is valuable. And this blog is dear to my heart, even when I only post two or three times a week.

About Gene'O

Compulsive writer, amateur photographer, and blogaholic. Also an evil genius.

5 thoughts on “Note – 02/18/2014

  1. Harliqueen says:

    A blog should be something you do when you can, not a chore. Take the time you need and I expect your blogging will be better for it when you can post again 🙂


  2. I can relate to being busy and overwhelmed. Take your time! We’ll be here. 🙂


    • Gene'O says:

      That is so good to know. I have a good feeling about this blog. It’s not “performing” in the statistical sense, but people talk to me when I post here. Which I’ve been saying all along is the most important thing.

      And I don’t really feel overwhelmed – just busy. I love the fact that this little operation has grown to the point that I’m having to prioritize to manage it.


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