Raising Readers Monday: Tonight We’re Going to Party Like It’s 1984!

This is a little different than the things I usually feature here, but I’ve been following Kateywrites for awhile now, and it’s a blog I recommend. I find the writing engaging, and there are not many things more important than teaching children to love reading, which is something Katey blogs about quite often. Being taught to read well and to view reading as something to enjoy is one of the things that has allowed me to do as well as I have in life, and I try to do the same for the children in my life. You can also follow Kateywrites on Facebook and Twitter.


No, I don’t really suggest you throw an Orwellian birthday party for your children (although…Big Brother watching them is not the worst idea.  Have you seen what kids get up to at parties?) I mean that:

  1. I’m a total throwback.  When I was 7 (3 guesses which year that was) you had your birthday party at home. Your mom made cake from a box.  Frosting from a can.  I LIKE birthday parties at home.  I meet the kids, I meet their parents. The kids actually play together – not just in the same facility.   They play with one another – not laser guns or bouncy castles. It’s nice.
  2. I love book-themed parties! With so many options at  Parties R Us, it’s easy to just opt for a party based on your kids’ favorite Disney, Nick Jr., or Dreamworks characters.  But it is simple and fun and…

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3 thoughts on “Raising Readers Monday: Tonight We’re Going to Party Like It’s 1984!

  1. kateywrites says:

    Thanks so much for including me here! I am passionate about engendering a love of books in kids – and not just by telling them to read 20 minutes a night. There so many more fun and organic ways to build that love of reading in them every day. Glad you gave me this chance to expand my reach a bit on your blog!


  2. I think you write so well and I truly enjoy reading your blog. You get the Sunshine Award! If your blog is award free, just know I think you do a fantastic job! http://peacelovegreatcountrymusic.com/2014/03/01/sunshine-feb/


    • Gene'O says:

      You know what’s funny, I have some awards to nominate people for that piled up in January, and I was getting ready to nominate you for a Sunshine award, but I noticed the other day you were just nominated. Thanks! I’m definitely not award-free, I love awards.


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