You might want to see this.

I have a confession to make. I have no idea just how much my community here overlaps with Sourcerer’s audience. I’m posting a link to Sourcerer here tonight because I had an experience today that I find very interesting, and I want to be sure all my lovely peeps see it. This is a response to another blogger who completely mischaracterized one of my posts from earlier in the week because they disagree with my political position.

I’m proud of it for several reasons. First of all, I could have been all angry about it and over-the-top, but instead, I decided to be kind, and I do feel that I am genuinely kind here. Also, I wrote it in about an hour, which is record time for me on a post like this. And the rhetoric is good. Very, very good.

There is a political issue at play here, but the post is not about pressing the political point. It’s about insisting that evidence-based arguments be backed up with actual evidence, and about being honest with your criticism. I should warn you, the person I am responding to is a troll; but I am pretty sure that the trolling is unintentional, that they are sincere in their beliefs, and they just don’t understand how grown-up, civilized discourse works. That is why I was so nice about the whole thing.

Edit – I’m thinking I can take this incident and tell it as a story in a post with embedded tweets and other goodness. Make it interesting and dramatic. Maybe include a funny image or a video. Have it ready to go in time to send to @MondayBlogs. What about that?

Update, MAR 7 – DefyTheNarrative responded to me this morning and removed the link to Sourcerer from his post. I’ve decided not to do a post about this for Monday, and I also decided against retweeting the link to this post from Sourcerer’s account. I’ll have one more remark or two about all this at Sourcerer later this afternoon, and after that, I’ll be ready to move on, assuming everyone else does the same.

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One thought on “You might want to see this.

  1. Gene'O says:

    I hope y’all realize that the headline is crafted with Follow Friday madness in mind. When I published this, it tweeted to my collaboration account, which has maybe 80 followers. This link will get retweeted to more than 800 right in the middle of Follow Friday tomorrow.

    That is just how I think.


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