I promised to run amok. Doing it now. For the greater good. #SB2681 #Mississippi

Go read this, then come back.


Basically, I’m pulling out all the stops to get Mississippi up in arms. I am trying to help the ACLU. They say tomorrow is an important day, and auspicious for legislative action. They haven’t actually told me what is going on, but what the hell? I’m willing to play along and help some white-hat wearing people fix my state.

If you live in Mississippi, you really should consider contacting a state legislator on Wednesday and  letting them know that Mississippians dislike discrimination just as much as the rest of these great United States. Also, that that your are not sure at all that SB2681 will do anything productive in the way of protecting your religious freedom, and that you are inclined to view the whole situation as so embarrassing you wish it could just go away. Or something. Put it in your own words and tell them how how you really feel about it.

We’ll have a Batman post at Sourcerer tomorrow, but it might be posted a little later than usual. And we will have a Doctor Who post over there on Thursday.

And I will have a real writing post here tomorrow. One that explains how I do political and social commentary, from the  perspective of a writer.

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