#FeministFriday Invitation and Preview for Friends, #SocialMedia #Collaborators, #Bloggers

I began this week by using all three of our blogs to do something that was unpleasant, to say the least. I’m not exactly trying to balance the karmic scale, because Monday was justified. But since you all turned out for me, I think I should use both my blogs to offer you the opportunity to turn out for something positive.

I’ll post my first original Feminist Friday piece this week. I’m hoping to stimulate a discussion. I’ll have the full details and am invitation to the blogosphere at large at Sourcerer tomorrow in lieu of the regular comics post.

The post is drafted. It started as an idea over the weekend, and Diana and Gretchen encouraged me to do it, so I spent this evening setting it up. Both those links go to posts that were Freshly Pressed, and they will be mentioned in the Feminist Friday post. I’m giving them to you now so that if you’d like to join in, you  have a couple of days to read them and scan the threads.

Diana, Gretchen, and I have a running conversation about feminism that’s been going on since January, and I’m inviting other interested people to talk about it with us. If you aren’t reading Gretchen’s blog, you should be. As far as the writing of the words goes, she’s one of the best.

Not only will I offer you a prompt for discussion on Friday, I’ll tell you a story.

I’m including this video because my wife considers it a feminist song, and I can see that. I’m not sure about the video. I suppose we can read it as a celebration of feminine power. Sometimes these things are difficult to judge. Most of you haven’t interacted with Vicki yet. She’s just getting into WordPress, but she has a WordPress account. I’ve invited her to chime in on Friday.

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14 thoughts on “#FeministFriday Invitation and Preview for Friends, #SocialMedia #Collaborators, #Bloggers

  1. Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

    Nancy follows me on Twitter, and I dig the leggy models.

    And it’s reasoanbly interpreted as feminsit power.

    You should invite Vic Briggs over here.


    • Gene'O says:

      It’s cool that she follows you.

      Is it ok to tweet the link again to a dfferent person, or will twitter suspend me as a spammer for tweeting it to Vic?


  2. Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

    Go to bed, GeneO!


  3. vicbriggs says:

    Bookmarked and will read the articles while waiting for the am post. Thank you for bringing it to my attention on Twitter. It sounds like a very interesting project. I look forward to reading your piece and engaging with the topic at hand.


  4. Looking forward to the discussion as I am always interested in intelligence discussions about feminism and the two posts you linked two were very interesting (though not surprising, coming from Diana and Gretchen!).


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  6. Vicki says:

    Thank you for an old favorite of mine. I realize that the video could be seen as non-feminist. But if you think about the the lyrics to the song, I have always thought of it as empowering. At the time that I discovered Nancy Sinatra, I needed a little empowerment. Thank you Ms. Sinatra.


    • Gene'O says:

      So glad you found that, darlin’

      I’ve decided that is feminist behaviour in the video. It should be clear when you think about the historical context. Idk why I even questioned myself.


  7. […] as Gene’O  announced yesterday on both The Writing Catalog and Sourcerer that Friday, we’ll be having a discussion about feminism–the language we […]


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