Note – #collaborators @parttimemonster @wanderinpoet @quaintjeremy @gkelly73 @ersatzidentity @VickiTGordon

Six things.

  1. Scaling back my #FollowFriday this week. So, if you’ve been getting mentions and retweets and you don’t see one this week, that is temporary.
  2. My Tolkien series is on hiatus, but I’m putting together a Tolkien roundup for Part Time Monster, and @quaintjeremy will have a comics post at Sourcerer tomorrow.
  3. Once I get everything set up to have business-as-usual tomorrow, I’m putting my energy into getting the word out about the Feminist Friday discussion. I’ve seen enough engagement today compared to what we usually get, and it is important enough, for me to make it the top priority.
  4. Not sure what I’m going to do about branding and designing this blog long-term. It will always be writing-centric. That is a promise. But these twitter-coded notes are officially part of my content here now.
  5. There’s a lot less noise both here and at the @justgeneo Twitter account it’s connected to. It’s easier to know who I am speaking to. I can’t interrupt the content flow of the other blogs with this stuff, and I need to post things like this publicly. When I’m trying to keep up with someone else and help them with their projects, it helps to know what they’re doing in advance, so I figure it might be smart to let interested people know what I’m doing on days like this.
  6. From here on out, when you get a note, you will also get a video of some sort unless I am in an extreme hurry. Usually, it will be music. Since this is a wrting blog it will be a song that tells a story. And since this is a blog devoted to forming friendships, it will tell you something about my mood. (music starts at about 0:30, but the biscuit talk is fun).

These notes aren’t just for the people I tag in the headline. They are for anyone who reads them and wants to collaborate on whatever I happen to be doing.

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