Note – #FollowFriday – #FF – #Collaborators – #Music – #FeministFriday @Parttimemonster

Everything’s a go for a discussion of feminism and activism to kick off at Sourcerer at 9 a.m. Central time tomorrow.

Since I don’t have time to really work Follow Friday tomorrow, I’m trying something different this week.

Instead of tagging 30 people in five or six tweets, I’m going to send a few tweets that just tag one or two people each, and say nice things about them. I’m curious to know whether or not Follow Friday tweets with only one or two names are more effective than ones with five.

Some will be people I’ve never given Follow Fridays too, and some will be people I’ve met in the last few days.

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Compulsive writer, amateur photographer, and blogaholic. Also an evil genius.

One thought on “Note – #FollowFriday – #FF – #Collaborators – #Music – #FeministFriday @Parttimemonster

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