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I intended to have an uninterrupted stream of A to Z posts here this month, but I’ve added three blogs to the blogroll that you you might want to check out, so I thought a surprise post might be just the thing. All the links go to about pages, because I think, unless you’re just breezing by and leaving a comment every now and then, about pages are the place to start.


I say this every time I talk about blogrolls, but I’ll say it one more time. I add  blogs to my blogrolls to remind myself that I need to visit them. I don’t think blogrolling does much good in the way of traffic or endorsement value any more, because news aggregators are so good, probably no one looks at blogrolls any more except the person who owns the blog. But that says something in and of itself, doesn’t it? These are bloggers I like enough to add to my list of people to visit often.

I met Write On, Sisters through the A to Z Challenge, introduced them to the Monster, have read several of their posts, and am tweeting with them.

Margarita Morris is a Young Adult Historical Fiction author. I find her blog interesting, and she is fabulous to tweet with.

I’ve been following Live to Write – Write to Live for awhile; I finally blogrolled them this week because Taylor Grace linked to them and I realized I should have blogrolled them ages ago.

Twitter accounts for blogs and bloggers mentioned in this post (at least the ones I can find):








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3 thoughts on “New to the Blogroll

  1. Diana says:

    In good company, I see. 🙂


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