May Preview

When I first started my blogs, I had the idea of blogging here Monday-Friday, taking Saturdays off, and photoblogging on Sundays. That plan fell by the wayside as Sourcerer took off and I realized how much time it was going to take me to figure out how to use various social media networks effectively. So, here’s a photo I took mid-afternoon on Easter Sunday. The bloom was about the size of a quarter.

Image © Gene’O, 2014. Free to use with credit and a link.

Image © Gene’O, 2014. Free to use with credit and a link.

The next original piece you’ll see here will be a reflection on the April A to Z blogging challenge. I hope that will be early next week. I’d intended to do it already, but the last week has been very hectic and I need to update my A to Z page before I post the reflection. Fortunately I have the links, but there are 50 or 60 of them, so that’ll take a while. Not updating the page immediately after I did the visits each day during the last two weeks of the challenge was a mistake.

If you’re interested in using Twitter as a way of meeting bloggers or people who share your other interests, but you find Twitter confusing and just don’t have the time to figure it out, I’m writing you a series of short pieces at Sourcerer that covers the basics.

I published the first three installments earlier this week and I’ll have at least three more in the next couple of weeks. The series is mostly drafted, so I’m confident I can deliver it. Here are the first three, in case you’d like to get caught up over the next couple of days:

Twitter for Bloggers: The #Intro

Twitter for Bloggers II: What’s it All About?

Twitter for Bloggers III: What do I Want?

I also have a long series on The Lord of the Rings at Part Time Monster. I had to put it on hiatus to get through March and April, but I’m planning to start it back up this month. I should have the timeline worked out by week-after-next, and will announce the next installment well in advance. Here’s my Tolkien category archive at the Monster, which includes the series as well as a few stand-alone posts and roundups of other Tolkien bloggers.

At Sourcerer, I’ll continue to blog music, photos, as much pop culture-related content from contributors as I can get, and commentary on various forms of inequality. In mid-March, I had the idea of using Feminist Friday posts to generate discussion threads. The response was so good, we managed to have real, in-depth discussions on various aspects of gender inequality for six weeks in a row. The last two discussions were at other blogs (Sci-Fi, Transmedia, and Fandom and Drifting Through), and the discussions generated several posts on other blogs as well. My #1 priority for Sourcerer is to archive the entire collection in a post and get those discussions going again as soon as possible.

All that seems like a lot to do, but really, we’re only talking about six major posts over a three-week period of time along with a lot of photo and video posts, which are quick and easy to put together. Three of those posts are already written, and one of the other three will be mostly links. I also plan to get back to reblogging and doing roundups of other bloggers.

Once I get all this squared away, I’ll start thinking about what to do here. The A to Z Challenge did me a lot of good, and the responses to those posts gave me a few ideas about where to go with this blog. I’ll talk more about that in my reflection post next week.

I was going to end this post with a paragraph or two about changing my networking approach, but it’s already long enough, so I’ll be brief. I’m shifting my emphasis from follower growth to engagement with the followers of the three blogs I contribute to. I think we’re well-enough established now that we can grow organically for a while, and I want to get to know more bloggers. I’ll have more to say about my reasoning for this decision at some point.

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