If We Were Having Coffee 2

coffeeIf we were having coffee, mine would be iced espresso and milk, unsweetened. I refuse to call it a latte when I make it at home.

I’d talk about the importance of reading to children. I’ve always loved to read, and one of the reasons is that my mother read to me religiously until I was 11 or 12. Always books I was old enough to enjoy, but too young to read myself. She read me The Hobbit when I was six or seven, The Lord of the Rings a couple of years later. That’s probably why I’ve written so many Tolkien articles in the last six months I need a page to keep up with them all.

I started reading my grandson The Hobbit this week. I read him the one-page intro, “What is a Hobbit?” before work one morning. We started on the actual book at bedtime. He listened, enthralled, and asked lots of questions. I think he learned a new word from every page. We got through ten pages before he got too drowsy to listen. He gave up his “last cartoon,” which is a thing we do to transition to lights-out, to listen to the story instead.

**Slight Spoiler**

When Gandalf scratched the mark on Bilbo’s door, my grandson asked what it said. I just told him it was a letter Hobbits don’t know how to read. Later, when the seventh and eight dwarves piled in, I paused and we had this exchange:

Me: So, what did that sign on the door say?

Grandson: “Oh!! It said we’re having an UNEXPECTED PARTY!!” *claps hands in delight*

**End Spoiler

He had no trouble at all picking up on the little subtleties of the text, either. He loved the play on “Good Morning” in Gandalf’s first encounter with Bilbo. And when the sharp knock on the door came after all the Dwarves ringing the bell, he knew it was Gandalf with his staff. We finished the first chapter in one more sitting.

This isn’t quite a faithful adaptation of the introduction, but I have a soft spot for this cartoon because it was my first encounter with Tolkien’s work:

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it’s difficult to go from posting three or four times a day to only once. We did that at Sourcerer on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, though, because it’s necessary if we want to keep our little operation stable and stay ahead with our content. We posted more than once Tuesday because that’s naturally our busiest day and we had two things that didn’t need to wait. We posted three times on Wednesday for the same reason, although we’ll keep posting Twice on Wednesdays going forward, because the combination of comics and Wordless Wednesday is working very well.

I’d also tell you I think this blog needs a new name. I’ve never been happy with it. It’s just all I could come up with when I set it up. I only want to change it once, because changing one of these blog titles across social media is tedious and time-consuming. Since I’m writing more personal stuff here and using this blog to archive series from all our blogs as well as talking about writing, I’m just not sure the name fits any more.

One more thing, because it’s just too funny. I’ve been blogging for six months, and I’ve had trouble keeping up with other bloggers on WordPress almost from the beginning. In all this time, I’ve been doing it with the reader and the blogrolls. It only occurred to to create a bookmarks folder for blogs and bookmark the ones I visit most often two days ago. I find it hilarious that I’m capable of conceptualizing and creating this complex communication network, but it never occurred to me that using the bookmarks would make my life so much easier.

Those are my thoughts for today. I hope you’ll join me for coffee again next week.  🙂

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8 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee 2

  1. hannahgivens says:

    That’s awesome about your grandson — my mom read me The Hobbit multiple times before I could read it myself, so it was actually one of the first books I read on my own (after the more traditional Dr. Seuss and easy reader books). The Hobbit is still a favorite, much more than Lord of the Rings. 🙂

    I think I’m gonna steal your bookmarking idea… Duh!


    • Gene'O says:

      Also, just now thought of setting up my browser to open the blogs I contribute to, facebook, and tweetdeck in separate tabs when I start it up.

      More Duh!


  2. As you know, this ‘If We Were Having Coffee’ segment is one of my favorites. I love hearing about how you read to your grandson. Will Diana be writing this one too (on occasion)? I would love to hear both of your voices and think it would be interesting.

    Liked by 2 people

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