Back on My Feet, Maybe

If I manage to post tomorrow, I’ll have updated this blog every day for a week. That hasn’t happened since the last week of April. I think I have a schedule worked out now that will allow me to update this blog six days a week, most weeks. Here it is:

Saturday – “If we were having coffee . . .” I love this feature, and unless something happens to prevent me from putting one together, I’d like it to continue, and keep it here.

Sunday – “Silent Sunday” This is a photo feature. Photoblogging on Sundays has been part of my plan here from the very beginning, it just took me awhile to build an image stock. I have one now.

Monday – A writing-related reblog. This week the reblog was about a writing sprint that Winter Bayne put together, and the reblog turned Luther on to it, which was cool. Reblogging good writing-related posts has also been part of the plan from the beginning, so that’s what I’m doing on Mondays.

Tuesday – Most weeks, “Random Poetry,” in which I publish a poem that’s in the public domain and comment on it. On weeks when I have something original to run early in the week, this feature will get bumped to Thursday.

Wednesday – “Wordless Wednesday” photoblogging.

Thursday – realistically, this is my best day to publish something of my own that’s writing-related. Long-term, I’d like to write about worldbuilding on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. Not sure about next week, though.

Friday – Often, the off-day. My Fridays are typically very busy with other projects, and this is the trickiest day to post, anyway. Internet traffic really falls off three hours before happy hour on Fridays in every country where people work 8-5 in offices.

So, a couple of posts from me a week, a couple of choice photos, and a couple of reblogs. Not ideal, but a heap better than posting three times per week, to my way of thinking.

How does that strike you?

Have a marvelous weekend!

Also: Jeremy and I got up to some hi-jinks last night. Read the post.



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6 thoughts on “Back on My Feet, Maybe

  1. That sounds good! I hope you’ll have a great weekend!


  2. Norm 2.0 says:

    Sounds like a solid plan. Makes me think that as an absolute beginner who has trouble putting up two posts a month, maybe it’s time to sit myself down and put my own realistic plan together.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gene'O says:

      The plan helps. I actually have a calendar just for blogging at this point.

      Also: Regular features that are simple and easy to put together. I like photos and lists for that. People love both, and they’re much less time-consuming than thought-pieces. I use a couple of music videos per week at my other blog for the same reason.

      It’s not necessary to post every day. I read quite a few blogs that don’t post nearly that often. I’m trying to do it for the first year because I love to blog, and it’s part of a plan.

      As long as it’s somewhat consistent, and the content is good, even once a week can work, and you’re probably more likely to get the followers you do have reading every word you post with a lower frequency. If I really like a blog that only posts once or twice a week, I’ll follow by email. It’s just slower to build an audience without a steady stream of weekday content, because posting once a week means you only get one shot at the news feeds every week.


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