Reorg Note 2

I’ve registered It’s just an empty shell right now, but I’m planning to upload all the archives from this blog to it and use it as my personal blog. I need that URL because it matches my Tumblr address and my personal twitter handle. Here’s how the transition will go:

  1. I’ll pick a theme, upload the archives from this blog, and tweak everything until I’m satisfied that it’s functional.
  2. Once I’ve moved, I will replace the front page here with a static page which says I’ve moved.
  3. I’m leaving this blog intact because I don’t want to kill links on other peoples’ blogs, but once I’ve moved, I won’t be updating this one any more.

I’m going to proceed very slowly and put a lot of thought into this. What we’re doing with our Facebook fanpages and on Tumblr is not working. I’m hoping to figure out a way to start making a little progress on those networks by changing my network architecture a little.

I’m also reviving my Google Plus account soon. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me over there despite my complete and total absence for almost 4 months. I have a mobile now, and G+ is very mobile-friendly. So you can look for me to set up real circles and start giving some +1s over there by the middle of September.

About Gene'O

Compulsive writer, amateur photographer, and blogaholic. Also an evil genius.

7 thoughts on “Reorg Note 2

  1. Good luck with the new site. Thanks for keeping this one alive so we don’t have to go update links! I’m looking forward to how the new blog goes!

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    • Agreed! Looking forward to seeing how the rebuild turns out!

      I’m sitting on a number of dbcii-related wordpress handles – iterations that led to me actually sitting on the domain, Sadly, my Twitter doesn’t quite match, but the Tumblr does, and it’s all close enough.

      Yay unique names!


  2. […] archives from the old blog into the new one before I commence blogging there. I’ve posted a more detailed notice about the transition at Just Gene’O. I expect this change to take a week or […]


  3. […] A fantastic blog by a wonderful person, Gene’O is reorganizing things. I’m so excited because I know there are good things coming our way on this blog, Just Gene’O. Just look at what he’s planning! […]


  4. Good luck with it all 🙂


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