Collected Works

This page is under construction, and will take awhile to build. We do so much serial blogging, we need an archive to help ourselves and our readers keep up with all our series. We’ve decided to build that archive here at The Writing Catalog.


Eventually, we’ll have an index page with themed art for every series here, at Part Time Monster, and at Sourcerer. This will be the parent page, and once I change the theme of The Writing Catalog to one that supports pull-down menus, it will be the table of contents for the entire collection.

I’m starting with an index page for my Tolkien series at Part Time Monster. That’s the most structured, complex, and difficult-to-navigate series, and I’m preparing to bring it back after a long hiatus. It’s also a long-term project that I care deeply about. It’s an attempt at real literary analysis, and if I could only blog about one thing, I’d focus on this series until it was done. As thins are, though, I just try to keep making progress on it when I can, and I’d like to make a bit of progress over the summer.

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