Easter Egg


I’m designing a blog hop. Using all my skills and powers to make it an easy blog hop to participate in. Announcing it here, on a blog that gets fewer than 40 views per day, most days, because really. If you are paying such close attention that you notice I added this page, all on your own, I need to be doing you a favor. So here’s a favor. You’re the first person to know about this blog hop I am planning. It is a secret project, but not really. Share with friends, please!

🙂 shhh


The rules will be simple:

1. Link to a bloghop page which I will set up just before we kick it off.

2. Answer two questions, one of which allows you to get by with a one-word answer.

3. Thank the person who nominated you by linking to them somewhere in your post.

4. Tag 4 other bloggers with nominations.

5. Include the rules, verbatim, somewhere in your post.

This blog hop will commence when I fire the starting gun, and not a minute before. What I need, specifically, is a kickoff team. I need a number of bloggers who are willing to spend the 20 minutes required to write a kickoff post in exchange for being listed as sponsors on the blog hop page and the satisfaction of being charter members of this blog hop. There will be badges. And no nominating other sponsors. That is a very imporant part of the deal. Once we have a large enough kickoff team and tweak the specifics of the rules, we’re a go.

This hop will be fun. It will be easy. It might even give me information about how blogs work to share with everyone who reads my blogs. And you know I’m very good about that.

If you want to join the kickoff team, leave a comment on this thread and let me know.

Not a word about this to anyone! (Except your friends.)





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