Five of My Super-Secret WordPress Lists

My gift to you this Winter Holiday season is a WordPress introduction to some of the bloggers I talk with most. And humorous world domination memes, of course 🙂

These are lists and they appear to be public. I’ve tested following/unfollowing from the Sourcerer account and from Vicki’s. Diana was able to see one of them from a PM link. Following adds them to your “Lists” menu in the reader.

Merry Christmas, Friendly Bloggers! and I hope you enjoy this gift!


Friendly Bloggers – Sourcerer contributors plus the bloggers I talk with the most.

Friendly Bloggers2 – Bloggers who would be on the first list if I weren’t keeping the lists  small, and who I interact with on at least three social networks.

Visual Arts – An exclusive list of photographers and artists. Getting on this list requires both consistently publishing to-die-for images, and communicating a willingness to have conversations with me on the Internet. Only five blogs by four bloggers on this list right now, but it will grow.

On the Radar – Bloggers I’ve talked to a bit. Some I have even linked to on occasion, but for whatever reason, we’ve not chatted much lately, or else we only interact on two networks. This is a list to help me hold up my end of the engagement. I’d love to put everyone here on a Friendly Bloggers list and add more to this one from a discovery list I am building.

Film – There are only three blogs here now. One is the blog of a Part Time Monster contributor and friend, and one is a blog I discovered through them. One is on the list because David loves it and I agree the quality warrants my attention. I am not saying which are which, hee hee. I’d like to find more outstanding film blogs to put on this list.

About My Lists

minions2Public seems to be the only option, but there also seems to be no way to tell how many lists another WordPress user has or to find others’ lists unless URLs are shared.

If I am wrong about either of these things and you find all my lists somehow, do let me know. Until then, there are games to be played. Here are a few things you might like to know about my lists 😀

  • I’m keeping them small. Capping them at 20-25 right now.
  • The URL structure will give you a clue as to how I am organizing them. “Friendly Bloggers” is “A” so it will appear first on my lists menu. Right now my lists run through “J.” There will be more Friendly Bloggers lists once the second is full.
  • I have some friendly bloggers on other lists. This is at such an early stage, I can’t add any blog to more than one. So, for instance, some of the Visual Arts bloggers are friendly bloggers. Just not on those lists.
  • I don’t mind if you share this page. It’s a public page linking to public lists of public blogs. I’m sharing it all over the place. Just not putting it on a menu for passers-by.

If you talk to me on the Internet often and aren’t in one of these feeds, it could be because I was in a hurry. It could also be because you are on a list I am not sharing.sourcerer_image

Happy Holidays from Sourcerer!

Bonus: I have a public Twitter list of Friendly Bloggers. Some of them are on my WordPress lists. Some don’t Tweet that much and might not even notice that you followed.

They all have good blogs, and I’ve interacted with them enough to put them on a list just so I can retweet links for them from time to time.

Happy Holidays again, and Season’s Greetings too!

4 thoughts on “Five of My Super-Secret WordPress Lists

  1. Happy Holidays! And thanks for sharing the lists! 🙂

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  3. Vicki says:

    Ooooh! Lists of lists. I just love this and the cat & minions.

    Liked by 1 person

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