Not the last post, but the last one is written

If you’ve enjoyed this blog for the last few months, you should know that I’m moving. I’m afraid I waited too long to do this, and probably have to start over at the new blog, but I don’t care. What it comes down to, really, is that if you look at the address of this blog and take the “wordpress” out of it, there is no reason I should pay to have my own domain with this address.

The simplest solution was just to set up a new one with a better address, redesign, and move the archives, so that’s what I am doing. I am moving toward setting up several domains, all at once, and working from there. Anyways, if you are still paying attention to this blog, you want to follow the new one.

Here’s my social media strategy through the end of the year. It’s an ambitious plan written with realistic goals in mind. Some of it will get done, some of it won’t. That is just the nature of the game.

At some point in the next month-to-six weeks, I’ll do a farewell post here and the transition will be complete.

This blog will then sleep for awhile, but it will not go away entirely. I’ve put too much into it to abandon it. It will still function, just in a different way.

I’m looking at the followers here, and I am really interested to see how many jump to the other blog before the switchover is complete. It’s an experiment.

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Fridays are typically off-days here, because I spend most of my free time on Fridays networking on Twitter and participating in the Feminist Friday discussions at Part Time Monster. Today, though, I want to say a quick thanks to everyone who commented on my blogging ideas Wednesday night at Sourcerer and my post here yesterday about re-branding.THANK YOU Tag Cloud (card thanks greetings gratitude welcome)

As of this writing, 14 people had commented on the Wednesday post, and ten of those comments came in the first hour it was up. Seven people commented on my post here yesterday. I appreciate all that feedback. The most discouraging parts of blogging to me are the times when you feel like you’re speaking into a vacuum. Every blogger must feel it at some point, especially just starting out. I hardly ever feel that way any more, and I love that when I ask specific questions about creative things, I nearly always get multiple answers.

Happy Friday! We’ll have the usual weekend blogging tomorrow and Sunday, and more good stuff next week.

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One Foot on the Platform, the Other Foot on a Train

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary, and I have an awesome marriage. It’s the best personal decision I’ve ever made, and one of the few good ones I made before I was 35. Vicki’s agreed to allow me to tell the story of our wedding day on one of the blogs, and I’ll be doing that in the next couple of weeks. I’m still not sure where I’ll post it, but I’m thinking, perhaps here. Because it’s a story. What writer doesn’t like a good story?

I’d planned to tell the story today, but wasn’t able to write it in time. Because life. When she gave me permission, Vicki asked me to include this video. It’s her favorite song, and in my top 20. We collect YouTube videos of it, and this version includes an extra stanza that’s played so rarely most people don’t know about it. So here’s a video, because it needs to be posted on the actual day, even if the story isn’t ready yet.

I’d intended to have an A to Z reflection tomorrow, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening. It has to happen before I can move on to other things with this blog, though. I need closure, and it helped me figure out some things about where to go here. I need to write them down and invite people to comment.

I’m two days away from being done with the most hectic three weeks offline I’ve had in six months. I’ve had to step away from the blogs lately to take care of business, do family stuff, and just recharge a little in general. And I have a commitment to Sourcerer.

My blogging friends really came through for me today. I have four Sourcerer contributions in my inbox, another one coming, and an out-of-the-blue submission coming this weekend. We lucked into traffic today, we have a post on a trending pop culture topic to talk about tomorrow, and a first post by  a new contributor posting tomorrow who you may already know. 😉 We have a plan laid out through the end of the week over there. So it will likely be the weekend before I can get things back on course here, but it will be relatively soon.

I’m on track to have my professional obligations squared away by close of business on Thursday. My grandson’s little league season ends this weekend. He’s in his first year of coach-pitch, and he’s a slugger. That’s what I’ve been giving a lot of my time to over the past couple of months.

I’m gearing up for a week of serial blogging and frequent tweeting next week. I’ve been just keeping it going for the last little while and taking care of other things. I need a personal vacation, and I need to spend it with my social media peeps. So I’m taking one.

Here’s a preview of my plan for this blog.  I’ll discuss it in more detail when I post my A to Z Reflection.

  • I need to give more space here to poets, poetics, and poems. There are tons of poems in the public domain, and I am well-versed. It’s the first thing I spent years trying to master.
  • Worldbuilding. The worldbuilding and the post about my personal fantasy project were both well-received. I know lots about building convincing worlds, and it’s one of my favorite things to talk about.
  • Posts in which I take a single writing concept or principle and explain it on my own words with a short, conversational post. That’s what I did for all of April, and the 26 posts I wrote for the challenge barely scratched the surface.

I’m thinking of focusing on those three things here and working myself up to twice-a-week posting with frequent reblogs of things I like, then building from there. That’s doable, but it may take me all summer to get there.

Thanks for following, and for reading. I’ll be back in business here soon.


Note – #FollowFriday – #FF – #Collaborators – #Music – #FeministFriday @Parttimemonster

Everything’s a go for a discussion of feminism and activism to kick off at Sourcerer at 9 a.m. Central time tomorrow.

Since I don’t have time to really work Follow Friday tomorrow, I’m trying something different this week.

Instead of tagging 30 people in five or six tweets, I’m going to send a few tweets that just tag one or two people each, and say nice things about them. I’m curious to know whether or not Follow Friday tweets with only one or two names are more effective than ones with five.

Some will be people I’ve never given Follow Fridays too, and some will be people I’ve met in the last few days.

Note – #collaborators @parttimemonster @wanderinpoet @quaintjeremy @gkelly73 @ersatzidentity @VickiTGordon

Six things.

  1. Scaling back my #FollowFriday this week. So, if you’ve been getting mentions and retweets and you don’t see one this week, that is temporary. Continue reading

#FeministFriday Invitation and Preview for Friends, #SocialMedia #Collaborators, #Bloggers

I began this week by using all three of our blogs to do something that was unpleasant, to say the least. I’m not exactly trying to balance the karmic scale, because Monday was justified. But since you all turned out for me, I think I should use both my blogs to offer you the opportunity to turn out for something positive.

I’ll post my first original Feminist Friday piece this week. I’m hoping to stimulate a discussion. I’ll have the full details and am invitation to the blogosphere at large at Sourcerer tomorrow in lieu of the regular comics post.

The post is drafted. It started as an idea over the weekend, and Diana and Gretchen encouraged me to do it, so I spent this evening setting it up. Both those links go to posts that were Freshly Pressed, and they will be mentioned in the Feminist Friday post. I’m giving them to you now so that if you’d like to join in, you  have a couple of days to read them and scan the threads.

Diana, Gretchen, and I have a running conversation about feminism that’s been going on since January, and I’m inviting other interested people to talk about it with us. If you aren’t reading Gretchen’s blog, you should be. As far as the writing of the words goes, she’s one of the best.

Not only will I offer you a prompt for discussion on Friday, I’ll tell you a story.

I’m including this video because my wife considers it a feminist song, and I can see that. I’m not sure about the video. I suppose we can read it as a celebration of feminine power. Sometimes these things are difficult to judge. Most of you haven’t interacted with Vicki yet. She’s just getting into WordPress, but she has a WordPress account. I’ve invited her to chime in on Friday.