Reorg Note 2

I’ve registered It’s just an empty shell right now, but I’m planning to upload all the archives from this blog to it and use it as my personal blog. I need that URL because it matches my Tumblr address and my personal twitter handle. Here’s how the transition will go:

  1. I’ll pick a theme, upload the archives from this blog, and tweak everything until I’m satisfied that it’s functional.
  2. Once I’ve moved, I will replace the front page here with a static page which says I’ve moved.
  3. I’m leaving this blog intact because I don’t want to kill links on other peoples’ blogs, but once I’ve moved, I won’t be updating this one any more.

I’m going to proceed very slowly and put a lot of thought into this. What we’re doing with our Facebook fanpages and on Tumblr is not working. I’m hoping to figure out a way to start making a little progress on those networks by changing my network architecture a little.

I’m also reviving my Google Plus account soon. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me over there despite my complete and total absence for almost 4 months. I have a mobile now, and G+ is very mobile-friendly. So you can look for me to set up real circles and start giving some +1s over there by the middle of September.



Fridays are typically off-days here, because I spend most of my free time on Fridays networking on Twitter and participating in the Feminist Friday discussions at Part Time Monster. Today, though, I want to say a quick thanks to everyone who commented on my blogging ideas Wednesday night at Sourcerer and my post here yesterday about re-branding.THANK YOU Tag Cloud (card thanks greetings gratitude welcome)

As of this writing, 14 people had commented on the Wednesday post, and ten of those comments came in the first hour it was up. Seven people commented on my post here yesterday. I appreciate all that feedback. The most discouraging parts of blogging to me are the times when you feel like you’re speaking into a vacuum. Every blogger must feel it at some point, especially just starting out. I hardly ever feel that way any more, and I love that when I ask specific questions about creative things, I nearly always get multiple answers.

Happy Friday! We’ll have the usual weekend blogging tomorrow and Sunday, and more good stuff next week.

image via Hypothyroidmom

To Whomever is Consistently Rating My Posts With 4 Stars:

There’s no snark in this – I am completely sincere.

Thank you for reading BOTH of the blogs I manage so often, and for giving them such high marks.

I respect your high standards very much. I know exactly where our work ranks, quality-wise, and you’re reading us fairly. I’m sure we’re consistently near the top quintile, and well aware that we haven’t quite achieved elite status yet.

Your votes mean a lot to me, because I use the votes as a crude measure of engagement. That’s the only reason I even include them.

I hope that one day either I or one of Sourcerer’s contributors will earn a five-star rating from you. If you aren’t already a regular commenter, I do hope you’ll join us soon, but please don’t reveal your identity. The feedback I’m getting from you is important.

All the best,