The Thunderclap Memo

Don’t share this until we get stuff worked out. The page is not on any menu nor in any feeds. Posting here because it’s the easiest way to have a shareable conversation and get some questions answered.

Thunderclap Options

Support Level: 100, 250, or 500? This number does not impose a maximum limit, but if we don’t get the minimum support, the message will not be sent. If we get more, it goes out on the social media of all supporters.

Images: The logo and a couple of other images I’ve seen that I like. Taken care of.

Text for the campaign page: Four paragraphs, 12 sentences. A short, simple goal statement, a two-paragraph story about how it got started, and an appeal to join us with links to the group and page. Much of the language will come from the group description.

Thunderclap message to be shared: An appeal and a link, in 143 characters or less. Will include the hashtag.

Run date: Two options here.

  • Option 1: Set it to run the day of the event. In this case, the appeal would be for people to read about and discuss compassion that day.
  • Option 2: Set it to run the weekend before. In this case, the appeal would be for people to join us in writing and sharing things about compassion the following Friday.

The link to be shared in the Thunderclap message: My inclination is to link to the Facebook page, if Thunderclap will allow that. But only if it’s going to be a busy page and someone is going to be sharing to it on the run date. Whatever we link to must give people something to do.  If there is no interactive action to be taken at the link, Thunderclap will not approve this.

My Inclinations:

Set the support level at 250 and the run date the Saturday before, which just happens to be Valentines’ Day. I think an appeal for people to join in the writing is stronger, and I think it does us more good to saturate the social media with a synchronized link share the weekend before it happens than to do it the day of. Just from what I know, this will be much more effective at getting us bloggers than getting us readers.

I also think, given where we are on Twitter and the fact that people can also join through Tumblr, doing it on a Saturday is smart. Because both of those networks are hot on the weekends. But I am willing to be persuaded to go the other way.

Once it is set up and the Thunderclap is live, neither the run date nor the support level can be changed. So no extending the deadline, and no going small with it if we see that we aren’t getting support fast enough.

So, what do you think? The actual setting-up, once the messages are crafted, takes no more time than putting together a small blog post.

I’ll tell you two things as a person who has pulled one of these off.

The support is more difficult to get than you think. It will require a lot of sharing and chatter to get that done. Diana and I managed 100 supporters in under two weeks with about 200 Facebook friends. But when we got down to the last three days, we had to use the phone and PMs to get it done. #1000Speak is in a much better position and I think people will support it with Twitter, at the very least.

I think 100 will be easy if it gets enough shares. Not sure about 500. The Facebook growth this week was phenomenal, but that will not translate directly into supporters. And a lot of questions about “what is it?” and “How do I use it?” will have to be answered. The official recommendation here is 100 for individuals, 250 for do-gooders with a strong network. 500 for institutions and corporations.

The question we need to answer here is do we have a strong network. Because a medium Thunderclap is more powerful than a small one. But a small one is better than no Thunderclap at all. If I do this, I need to come out of it with a 2-0 record.

The second thing: Watching that first Thunderclap go off and seeing all the shares hit at the same time was one of the most exhilarating things I have done on social media since we started.

Some links to help people catch up.

Thunderclap’s FAQ.

Using Thunderclap. A page I wrote for the last one. I’ll update it as necessary if we get this approved. Presumably the process of supporting a Thunderclap hasn’t changed, but I haven’t done one of these in over a year. And don’t email me at that yahoo address because I am only checking it once a week.

The Rolling with Kings Thunderclap Diana and I did in November of 2013 to give you a feel for what a campaign page looks like. This was a last-minute effort to get attention for a kickstarter campaign. The social dynamics and the network we have are much different now, but we managed 100 supporters in 13 days, and we barely made it.

4 thoughts on “The Thunderclap Memo

  1. Diana says:

    I’m thinking—will weigh in more on this soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gene'O says:

      Kind of off-topic, but not really. this project needs a linky. I am not seeing a linky discussed, but tried to drop clues with the hashtag stuff. It’s beyond our capacity to do that for this project. We have neither the premium software nor the experience for it.

      A linky would make life much easier for everyone.

      I am just getting this out of my head so we can move on, though. Let us not be distracted by the lack of linky. We must plan a Thunderclap.


  2. Diana says:

    It does need a linky. I know there are people discussing it. I think one of the tricky things is where to host such a linky.

    I think it would benefit from a site of its own, and I think some folks are talking about that if it all goes well, too. That would give the Thunderclap somewhere to go.

    Speaking of Thunderclap….

    The sooner we get it going the better. I think it’ll be able to meet a 250 goal. Probably 500, too, but if we don’t get penalized for having more members, then perhaps we go with the lower number considering how soon this is coming up and how much needs to be done with the other plannings.

    I’m not sure where to direct the Thunderclap. I would be willing to man that Facebook page, though, and share those posts, if I needed to in order to get that done.


    • Gene'O says:

      Roger that. We are on the same page and that is what I needed to know. I know who is in charge of the linky. It will either be shared or be hosted at the blog that started this all, I am sure. There will be one, of that I am certain.

      I’m pming you one more question that I need answered. After that, I have to talk to others.


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