Gender Inequality Discussions

We have open discussions of gender inequality and what to do about it for Feminist Friday as often as we’re able. This is something that started as a conversation between three bloggers in December, 2013, and turned into a project in late March.

Here’s how it works. Someone writes a post to start the discussion, and we discuss it. When we miss a week, I figure out how to start it rolling again. As of June 3, we’ve had discussions hosted on 5 different blogs, and some of the comment threads are impressive. This is a chronological list of the discussion posts we’ve published so far.

These links is just to get the page started. Eventually, I’ll add other links. These posts have referenced tons of other blogs, and this discussion has inspired quite a few other bloggers to post about gender inequality. It will all be collected here one day.

All these posts are written by me and published at Sourcerer unless otherwise noted. Author links go to Twitter accounts.


March 21 Is Feminism Still a Politically Useful Label?

March 28 – What’s the most pressing issue for women?

April 04 – What do we do about rape and rape culture?

April 11 – We keep bringing up education as a solution. How do we categorize and prioritize the various forms of education?

April 18 – Children and Youth Media by Natacha of Science Fiction, Transmedia, and Fandom

April 25 – How has social media affected female body image perceptions? And other questions by Gretchen of Drifting Through My Open Mind.

May 02 – #BringBackOurGirls. This one didn’t generate a discussion, but there wasn’t much to say about it. It needed to be written, and the project survived.

May 9 – Off week.

May 16 – A reflection on six weeks of Feminist Friday Discussions.

May 23 –  What is the purpose of education? With polls. By David of Comparative Geeks.

May 30 – #yesallwomen, conversations matter, and how do we use them to change things? by Diana of Part Time Monster.

Gene’O’s and Diana’s posts from this point forward are all posted at Part Time Monster.

June 6 – Early Childhood Learning is about Parents (Gene’O)

June 13 – Semi-Open Thread: What’s Our Next Step? (Gene’O)

June 20 – The Label Revisited

June 27 – In case you wonder why #yesallwomen and feminist friday are still needed . . . (Natacha)

July 4 – Off week.

July 11 – “Reproductive Healthcare” isn’t just about reproduction.

July 18 – Early Childhood and Culture

July 25 – #Twitterpurge, Women, and Internet Culture


13 thoughts on “Gender Inequality Discussions

  1. […] productive ways of dealing with misogyny. Misogynistic attitudes and behaviors are at the root of every problem we’ve discussed so far. It’s fair to say it affects all women at some point in their lives. That means it affects all […]


  2. […] and invite you to comment on any or all that interest you. Previous discussions are archived on a page at The Writing Catalog for your convenience, and to give people who join us in the future a way to catch […]


  3. […] We managed to extend our weekly Feminist Friday discussions into their 11th week at Part Time Monster last week. It was a great, and memorable thread. It went so well, I answered a few new comments earlier today. You can find our previous discussions on this page. […]


  4. […] A Conversation About Gender Inequality – Our Feminist Friday discussion threads. We’re definitely having another one at Part Time Monster tomorrow, and eventually I’ll add a lot of related posts. […]


  5. […] has been a big issue we’ve talked about and been involved in, as well as a focus of the Feminist Friday posts lately. For another, board games are on our minds because of the upcoming gaming convention […]


  6. […] If you care about gender equality, and think there’s not enough of it in the world at the present moment, do join us at Natacha’s blog on Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday. Our last two discussion threads were still active on the Mondays after they were posted. You can find links to our previous 12 discussion threads here. […]


  7. […] the past months, I have participated in several Feminist Friday discussions about a wide range of topics, with a few other bloggers. Last week, the focus was on the Feminist […]


  8. […] been doing Feminist Friday discussions since March. We do them because we want people to talk to us about their experiences with sexism. […]


  9. […] has gone on to be a part of the Feminist Friday posts that we’ve been a part of this spring as well. Oh, and you can check out her blogging […]


  10. […] we’ve done these discussions every week since late March, with only two off-weeks. We have an archive to prove it. Our friends help us out by hosting them sometimes and commenting when they are able. […]


  11. […] together for me. The thought of working through a topic each week. Of maybe approaching it like the Feminist Friday discussions have been going – introduce the topic first in the week, then introduce the […]


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